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Loftstugan 30 Log Cabin

Loftstugan 30 Log Cabin

Our classic Loft Cottage 30 is similar to the other Loft Cottage in the range, offering the same high ceiling living space and a loft area for a bedroom, small bathroom and even a kitchenette area.

Loft cabins are suitable for the self-builder or the client who wants a turnkey project.  We help you to design the cabin that best suits your needs, be it for a holiday cottage or a garden cabin. Options include  changing the layout, higher level of insulation, triple glazed windows and wall coverings in log panelling or plaster-board.  Request our shipping description for more technical information.

Loftstugan 30 Technical Specification

Loftstugan 30 Floorplan
A single bedroom loft log cabin with Living room, Kitchenette & WC . There is also an option for a 10.8m² front terrace.
  Loftstugan 30 Log Cabin
Loftstugan 30 Dimensions
The total covered area is 30 m² plus an optional terrace. It has a loft area of 12.6 m². The total living area is 27.3 m²
  Loftstugan 30 Log Cabin
Loftstugan 30 Roof Options
There are a few choices for the roof - Tile effect sheet steel roofing or Felt roof shingles. (Hexagonal or rectangular).
  Loftstugan 30 Log Cabin

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